Is Social Media Marketing Making SEO Less Important?


For years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the most effective form of online marketing. By weaving pivotal keywords into website content, a company can greatly increase its rankings on major search engines and attract more qualified traffic. But as more people spend their time on social media sites, Google, Bing, and other major search engines are focusing less on SEO strategies and more on social media activity.

The Impact of Social Media Sites on Internet Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites get more traffic per hour than other popular sites on a weekly basis. It is a global force that is proving to be much more influential than companies originally anticipated. There are countless businesses with wild success stories about increasing their customer base through sites like Instagram and Pinterest.

Why is social media marketing working so well? The main reason is simply because people love to talk about what they love and what they hate, and they want to connect with others who share their opinions.

The impact has been so influential that it has caused major search engines, like Google, to alter their ranking algorithm to include social media shares and likes.

The Positive Effects of Social Media Marketing on SEO Results

For companies that have profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter, getting “likes” and shares on their social media pages causes search engines to give them higher rankings.

Google is directly connecting with Twitter and, of course, Google+. Bing is connected with Facebook. What this means is that anytime one of your followers is logged into any of these social media sites and searches for something through an engine, it brings up search results based on their likes and their physical location.

Social media marketing also includes “personalized searching”. This means that when people search for your company through social media sites, they aren’t entering keywords, but rather your company name. The more often your name is searched, the more it is picked up by the search engines connected with the site.

The Negative Effects of Social Media Marketing on SEO Results

The downside to personalized searching is that once your page is found and liked, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites will recommend other sites related to your industry and the user’s location. This means that when you attract attention to your page, you’re indirectly generating advertising for your competitors.

How to Yield Positive SEO Results with Social Media Marketing

The first step is to ensure that you have a solid marketing plan for both methods that integrate well with one another. It is when the two are competing with one another that SEO results are lacking. Part of this plan should include using the same SEO keywords throughout your social media pages that you use on your other sites. By synchronizing your marketing plan, you’ll create less work for your company while bringing in more traffic to all of your sites.

The content that you post impacts the results more than anything else. It is possible to have several SEO keywords on a site, but if the content isn’t top quality or interesting to your potential customer base, no amount of marketing will expand your following. Make sure that the content you post is not only informative, but also creative and entertaining. This increases the chances that the content will be shared on social media sites, creating higher SEO results.

In the end, social media marketing is making SEO marketing more important than before. By using the same keywords on your social media profiles that you do on your website, the possibilities for traffic growth are virtually endless.

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