Mastering Social Media Marketing: The Art of the Call to Action

call-to-actionFor any modern company, building a social media presence is integral to successfully building an online customer base. Perfecting the art of social media marketing can be a difficult challenge for small- and medium-sized companies that don’t have an in-house specialist. For those looking to tame the social media beast alone, one of the best tricks to master is the call to action.

What is a Call to Action?

One of the factors that make social media marketing so effective and appealing to companies is that it is self-sustaining and ever-expanding. All you need to do is create a page and consistently post new and relevant content for your followers to share. The call to action is the statement (usually a question) at the end of the post that entices followers to either share the post or follow a link to your website to continue reading.

The call to action can focus on any action you would like your followers to take:

  • Link to another webpage
  • Like and share a specific post
  • Share information about an upcoming event
  • Enter into a contest hosted by your company
  • Leave their contact information, such as an email address, in a secure form on the website to be added to a regular mailing list
  • Leaving a comment to interact
  • Finding the company on other social media sites
  • Using specified hashtags (Twitter)


Effective Ways to Use a Call to Action

The first step in mastering the call to action is defining exactly what you want your followers to do. Not only will this help with you decide how to phrase the call to action, but it also determines whether it should be a statement with a link or a question. Unless you are a large company with an established following, you’ll need to start by offering your followers what they want.

For most companies, this means not posting a lot of “buy this” content until reaching at least 10,000 followers. Once the following is built, you should still refrain from uploading more than three promotional posts per week, as over-promoting can have a negative effect on further growth.

Instead of posting reasons why a potential customer should purchase a new item, give them some background on the product, such as:

  • Some backstory on the manufacturer
  • Customer testimonials
  • Ways in which your employees have used this item
  • Cool projects for which the item can be used


More Tips & Tricks for the Call to Action

  • All calls to action should be relevant to the specific social media outlet. For example, Facebook calls to action should not include hashtags, which are used solely for Twitter.
  • Within calls to action, link one social media page to the other. For example, provide links to all of your social media pages on your company homepage through logos instead of links. Customers and followers are always more likely to respond to a one-click picture than to search through text content for links.
  • Make sure to post content on a consistent basis. The frequency will differ for each company. Some choose to upload one small post a day, while others will only post several times a week (always on the same day). The timing of the post should be consistent and optimized to reach the most people quickly.

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