Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Social Media ToolsFor small businesses, social media marketing provides a powerful, yet affordable, opportunity to connect with existing customers and attract new ones—well beyond what traditional marketing can accomplish. It’s easier than ever to build relationships with your customers and build their loyalty. Social media sites get more traffic per day than any other type of web presence. With so many potential customers in one place, social media marketing has become the most effective and efficient method of online marketing, yielding high results in little time.

With so many active social media sites, it’s easy for small businesses to get overwhelmed, especially if they don’t have social media experts on staff. The actual creating of profiles is the easy part—it’s maintaining and monitoring that can become a challenge.

Read on for some useful social media tools that experts use to make sure they’re getting the most out of their online marketing efforts.


Essentially, AgoraPulse provides all of the same services your business would get from expert social media specialists—and then some. This, in addition to fitting nicely into a small business budget, is one of the major reasons AgoraPulse has erupted in popularity in the last year. Although it currently focuses solely on Facebook marketing and management, it is poised to expand as small businesses demand more functionality.

AgoraPulse provides users with the options to add contest and promotion applications to your Facebook page, along with dozens of other features, including:

  • Fan ranking
  • Administrator Rights Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Automated Moderation
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Content Recommendations Personalized for Your Business



Reasonably priced to target the small business market, SproutSocial provides multiple administration and management options for Facebook and Twitter. This tool has been embraced by the online marketing community for its ability to moderate and manage multiple accounts at once. Users can see an overview of account traffic and statistics to determine which accounts are bringing in the most customer views and connections.

Especially useful for companies that hold more than one Twitter account, SproutSocial gives users the options to compare their separate accounts, create content in advance and schedule when it needs to be uploaded, share accounts with others, and access their SproutSocial account remotely from virtually any mobile device with a Wi-Fi connection.


Reachli is arguably the most popular and efficient social media tool designed for Pinterest accounts. Pinterest is still relatively new compared to other social media sites, but its high demand has boosted it to the top of expert “must-have” lists. Despite its popularity, Reachli has remained inexpensive enough for small business budgets.

For small businesses trying to post new content consistently and efficiently, Reachli offers the capability to schedule new pin posts days in advance. Other features include the ability to:

  • Monitor click-through rates
  • Re-pin statistics
  • Post on other social media forums
  • Use a unique advertising algorithm that matches customer interest with company products and content to boost sales
  • Create and initiate social media marketing campaigns

Plus, the tool’s clean, simple design ensures that users can find and access all available tools.


In the last year or so, companies have been able to harness this photo-sharing app to create effective social media campaigns. One of the most notable success stories is from Sony, who offered competitions for customers who took pictures with Sony products and tagged Sony’s account when they were uploaded. Not only does this help build customer loyalty, it’s completely free to use. Plus, you can rely almost entirely on customer-created content, which saves valuable time.

Tools created for social media analysis and management are essential for small businesses looking to launch effective campaigns without spending a lot of time and money. There are hundreds of social media management tools available online, each with its own unique features and functions, so take the time to do your research before selecting one.

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